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Seeing Light

Being Light

Travelling with our sailboat we meet a lot of people. People that live to share the Light, and people that are in need of it. Our aim is to share how God works all over the world, and to be a little light ourselves for the ones living in darkness.


Who are we

We aren’t perfect and beautiful, and sailing life isn’t either. But we are enthousiastic and adventurous and try to make the most of everything that happens.  We try to be real and inspire you with the REAL things that inspired us.

We like to visit places that aren’t visited a lot, love to meet locals and throw ourselves in the adventure not knowing where it ends. 

Where are we now

Latest vlog

It seems that every 4-5 days there is another storm hitting Mallorca, so we decide to sail to Menorca that has a very protected bay which gives shelter from all sides. The sail is intense, with really high waves and strong wind. But Marjolein is scared for something else… Hermen takes you hunting underwater and we go kitesurfing!