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The 2nd of May we left with our sailboat on an exiting tourney! It’s an adventure in which we combine our hobby’s with our passion. Traveling, enjoying sports and meeting beautiful people go hand in hand with our faith and the intention to follow Jesus. 


We face this challenge together with Operation Mobilisation (OM). OM works in more than 110 countries. It is their goal that people’s lives will be transformed by the hope that can be found in Jesus. We have the privilege to experience what He is doing through projects in the countries we visit. We want to get to know the people behind this amazing work, learn from their lives an hopefully we will be able to contribute something ourselves as well.

“We want our journey to be a combination of adventure and purpose”

Our entire trip will be recorded. You can follow our journey by watching the video’s which we post regularly on our youtube channel. We aim to create a mix of adventure as well as interesting encounters with locals so that it will be enjoyable to watch for everyone.


We planned the route based on the selected project locations of OM. The first project we visited was Surfchurch Porto, Portugal. A Church with a relaxed vibe but a clear goal to spread te good news of Jesus. (vlog 7) We left the boat behind in Peniche and walked the Pilgrim route to Fatima where we joined the team of OM for a few weeks. (vlog 9-11)

After Portugal, we headed south-east on the Mediterranean sea. (vlog 12-16) We visited Morocco where we got introduced to the Arab culture, habits and religion. (vlog 17-20) Via Mallorca and Sardegna we made it to Tunis where we spend the winter. We have yet to decide whether we will continue to travel east along the African coast or cross the Mediterranean sea to countries like Italy, Bosnié, Montenegro, and Albania.

The major part of the route is for us still a surprise

At some point, we have to decide on traveling in the direction of the Middle Eastern countries. Something attracts us in this region, however, the situation isn’t stable in most of these countries which makes it less attractive to travel through. On the other hand, it is a region that definitely needs the rest and peace we’ve got to know in Jesus Christ. We believe that God will give us the wisdom to make this decision if we ask Him for that.