Our departure

After half a year of preparation it is time to go!! We are exited!! We say goodbye to family and sail over the Dutch lakes and channels towards the North sea. We drop anchor at the Brouwerdam… a place where we collected some good memories!!!

Old people with the same vibe 😉

We get some visitors who are much older then us, but live with the same passion! It is great to spend some time together!

A blessed weekend in Torquay, UK

Our friends live in this city, they work in a church that really follows the example of Jesus: reaching out to the lost. It is great to see how God works is in this place.

The bay of Biscay a nightmare, a dream.

The bay of Biskay, one of the most feared passages for sailors. It can be a nightmare or a dream… We experienced both!

Surfchurch Porto

A surfchurch…. what’s the reason of that? And what does it look like? We spent time with them and give you some insight in what it is all about. We loved it!

This party was weird... but Hermen loved it!!

We joined a very typical and absurd party in Porto: Sao Joâo! People are hitting each other with hammers on their heads, and put stinky flowers in each others nose……. Just watch 🙂

Surprised by the Portugese locals

We walk a pilgrim walk towards Fatima, Portugal. We are really surprised by the very very hospitable Portugese locals!!!

Meet Joâo, a missionary in Fatima

Fatima is a pilgrim city where thousands of catholic people come to honour Mary. We try to understand what it means for them, and we talk with Joâo about what he is doing here.

Happy faces in Pedrogâo Grande!

With a young team we volunteer a week in a portuguese village, struck by forest fires. We do a kids program and enjoy it a lot!!

Finally sailing again

after all this time on shore we enjoy it to be sailing again! A video about the life on a moving boat.

Having fun in the Algarve

The Algarve is a beautiful nature region in Portugal. And what is better then to enjoy this with some good friends!! Holidays!!

Oops... we runned aground

We worden wakker, en we drijven niet meer…. wat doe je dan? 

In Trouble

Our engine gives up when motoring out of a busy commercial port… We don’t know anything of engines, so it’s a challenge!

A closer look into the life of a refugee

In Europe we see our side of the refugee problem, but it gets quite different when we become friends with the guys still on the other side…..

Morocco... difficult authorities, great people!

Morocco!! Our first entry in this country. The authorities take a lot time, but once we’re don we are blown away by the generosity of the Moroccans!!

An amazing Moroccan Family!

We get invited by a local Family to eat and sleep in their house. Marjolein prays with one of the girls at “Salat-time”

A surprising return to El Jebha

We have engine problems again… but the good side is that it brings us back to El Jebha, where a lot of stories are waiting for us!

Meet the youth of El Jebha

We eat with the boys on the fishing quay and talk with them about migration to Europe.

14 days from Morocco to Mallorca!

Lots of sailing because we have to make it from Morocco to Mallorca in 14 days!! 

Mallorca: a storm, shipwreck and modern slavery

It is autumn in Mallorca! lots of storms that keep us busy. We meet Steffie, she works in Mallorca with a mission: raising awareness for human trafficking and sharing Gods love with the girls trapped in it.

Strong wind and big waves!

We sail to Menorca and get some strong wind and big waves to handle on the way! But Marjolein is scared of something else…

Exploring beautifull Sardegna!

Sardegna brings us some nice adventure. Sailing, snorkling, climbing and beautifull nature. Join us in this relaxed adventure!

A new Chapter

We have been looking forward to Tunesia a lot. It is an Arab country, and 99% Muslim. Here our first tast of this North- African country.

We find shelter in this nice little village

The whole village was watching when we entered the harbour. With quitte a big swell in the entrance it was not very easy. But once in the village we are overwelmed with love!

killing a chicken, eating couscous and playing soccer

we like this village so much that we stay for 10 days. We build real friendships, and have fun playing with the children.